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Devils Lake, ND is open for business!  4-5 inches of ice, and fishing is underway.

Devils Lake ice thick enough for ice fishing

The Associated Press – DEVILS LAKE, N.D.

A Devils Lake resort spokesman says the lake’s ice is thick enough for ice fishing if anglers are careful.

Jeff Katzer of Woodland Resorts said the ice at the resort is between 4 and 5 inches thick. He says that’s enough to support walking out onto the ice. Ice fishermen should carry a life jacket as a precaution.

The Devils Lake ice isn’t sturdy enough for ATVs or other vehicles. Katzer says he’s hopeful the ice will be thick enough in a week to allow ATVs to tow ice fishing houses onto the lake.

Actually if you have a WilCraft you don’t need to worry about ice thickness!  The ultimate thin-ice fishing vehicle to get you out on the lakes in full confidence.  The WilCraft has a wide base that disperses weight so you can motor over ice that you wouldnt dare in a snowmobile or ATV.   It  floats so if you do break thru, you are in a boat that not only won’t sink, but will pull you back onto thicker ice.

Woodland resort is home of the Devils Lake Perch Patrol. They have a great fishing package that includes the Perch Express train ride  to Devils lake, accomodations, and plenty of ice fishing.  Check it out here.

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