The St. Paul Ice Fishing Show Nov 30th – Dec 2nd 2012!

The 20th annual St Paul Ice Fishing show is coming to the River Center in St. Paul Minnesota.

If you have never been to this show it is a must for any ice fisherman!  This is the largest ice fishing show in the country and when you roam thru hundreds of exhibitors from ice jigs to Ice fishing Houses, you will think you are in ice fishing heaven.  I have gone every year for 12 years and see lots of new ice fishing products every time.  It appears Progressive Insurance is the main sponsor of the show so I should give them a mention here as well.  FishHouseForSale has had a booth at the show 3 times, and it was worth every penny.

Sno-bear has vehicles there, Wil-Craft has vehicles there, Lodge Ice Fishing Houses, Ice Castle Fish Houses, Zach Shack all have houses there, too many manufacturers to mention them all.  It is a great place to get inside their Ice Fishing Houses and see them up close and personal.

All the equipment brands are there, Eskimo, Ice Armor, Marcum, Vexilar, Clam, CanvasCraft, every ice fishing rod thats available to buy, every ice fishing reel produced today, its all there in one place!!  Also a live trout pond, lots of food, soda, and BEER!!!!!!!!!!!  The place is filled with families and nobody gets bored at this show.  Live demonstrations from ice fishing experts like Dave Genz.  Thousands of Jigs, clothes, augers, cameras, depth finders, its at least a 1/2 day of fun to walk thru it all.

4-5 years ago, I saw the Eskimo quick fish 6 for the 1st time (back when it was green, not red) and took one home.  I still use it, and give it my personal endorsement!  The vendors there come to sell and there are great deals you only find at the end of the season, and this is at the front end of the season!

Like I said, if you havent been to this Ice fishing show, you need to go!  If you’ve already been, you already know what I’m talking about.  Hope to see you there!

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