How to take great pics of your Fish House

Great pictures sell Fish Houses.  A great ice fishing house can look really bad with a the wrong picture.  A mediocre fish house can look great with the right picture.  The following are tips on how to take the best pictures of your fish house.

The outside picture  of your fish house is the most important!

  • Take the picture with it deployed on the ice!
  • Remove everything I mean everything around the house.
  • Move your vehicles, car, snowmobile etc…
  • Take the picture at dawn or dusk on a clear day.  That is when the light is best.  Filtered sunlight is the same light they use for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit additions!
  • Take 10-12 pictures at different angles.  Take some with more foreground (ice) and some with more sky.   The goal is to have several so you can pick the one that looks best.
  • Your main listing picture should be of the front of the house – the side that has the entry door.  People want to see how to get in the fish house!  Plus the door is usually facing the south which makes for better lighting for the picture

The inside of your fish house is a very close second most important!

  •  Remove everything from inside.  I do mean everything!  Except furniture and anything bolted or screwed in.  A cluttered ice fishing house loses appeal and value.  You could lose between 10% to 20% of what you could have sold it for.
  • Sweep the floor
  • Take multiple pictures with and without the flash.
  • Take a pic of the bathroom.
  • Take a pic of the beds.
  • Take a pic of the heater (unless it looks bad)
  • Take a pic of the stove.
  • Take a pic looking from one end inside to the other and vice /versa.
  •   If you have an Ice fishing house on wheels, take a picture with the wheels up with the house sitting on the ice.

Camera type.

  • A Any digital camera will do.  On a computer screen extra megapixels do not translate into more clarity for your fish house pictures.  If you are using too many megapixels (8+ or more,) it can really slow down your picture upload times.
  • Try not to use the flash. Pics look better with natural light.
  • Pull back the window shades to get as much natural light inside as possible..

By following these tips for taking the best pictures of your Ice House you will get the best price, and it will sell much faster!



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