Ice Fishing House Listing tips

Selling your Ice Fishing House, Ice Fishing shanty,  Ice Hut, Fish House, whatever you call it is really no different than selling your house.  FIRST IMPRESSIONS MATTER! Below is a checklist on what you should focus on.

  • The main listing image needs to be your house, out on the ice with all clutter removed.  Grills, augers, coolers, empty beer cans, etc…  The first picture you upload is the image that will be on your listing.  Make it the best it can be!
  • Inside pictures same idea.  Potential purchasers want to see a clean house.  Remove everything!  Beer cans, poles, gear, food, plates, etc…  Sweep the floor, make the beds, ask you wife/girlfriend/Mom what she thinks BEFORE you take the picture.  She will have a great eye for how it needs to look.
  • Post at least 5-8 pictures.   Close ups of special features of your house are good too.  Maybe you have a new stove, or heater.  Take a pic.
  • In your description, you are not limited to word counts, so talk it up.  I want to know how many holes, beds, does it have a bathroom? What type of heater, how big are the propane tanks, how does it pull down the highway, whats the roof made out of, siding, floor, etc…pictures speak a thousand words, but you want to talk up your fish house as much as possible.  If you have a fish house on wheels, describe the system it uses to raise and lower the fish house wheels.
  • Pricing is critical if you want to sell your house.  Too many people slap a big price on the house and hope someone will come along and pay it.  Result: listing sits for months with no action.


  1. Check out the prices for similar used fish houses on
  2. Check out prices for your house if it were brand new.  Just like cars, new vs. used there is some price depreciation, by knowing the new price, generally a 20% to 30% price discount off of a new fish house is in order, more if your fish house is run down.
  3. Check out the cost to build.  I have a 10 x 20 and outside of labor, material costs for that size unit fully finished can be $6000.00 -$15000.00  sometimes more if you go with the Jacuzzi and home theater seating for 6.

These are the key components to getting your fish house sold in a timely and profitable manner.  Follow them and you will have success!  Also even with due dilligence you may have not priced your house correctly.  If your house does not sell in a season, you are too high!  Make a substantial price reduction of at least 10% if you are serious about selling it.  All fish house listings on are easily edited.  Just log into your account, and make any changes to your fish house from there.

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