Ice Fishing House Power Options

Any Ice Fishing House of any size needs power to run lights, tvs, depth finders underwater cameras.  Etc…

On my 10 x 20 I have been hauling my 2 deep cycle boat batteries for the weekend to power everything.  They power the lights, underwater camera, and Vizio 23″ 12vdc Tv and DVD.  (Havent gone to satellite yet, but would like to for football games when the bite is slow.)  My fish house is wired so I just connect the 2 batteries, and all the outlets are powered.  This setup provides plenty of power on a 3 day weekend.  If I go for 2 days I can get by with one battery.  I like using the boat batteries in winter so they arent just sitting doing nothing.

Another option I have looked into is wind.  I see a few fish houses with wind generators (not many) but wind is not in short supply on Lake Mille Lacs, nor many other lakes.  If you are currently using wind to power your house, let us know how it works for you in the comments below.   Wind power would keep batteries charged during the week, and ready for use on the weekend.  There are a lot of wind generator options available at a similar cost to a good quality gas generator.  (good quality meaning a quiet 4-stroke).  One thing that might be an issue is the vibration caused by the wind generator transferring noise down to into the ice fishing house, but again, those with experience, let us know!

Solar panels would be quiet and work well.  I contacted Backwoods Solar, and figured enough panels to keep depleted batteries from freezing and recharged every weekend was a about $2000.00 including a charge controller, etc.. Again, I am looking for enough power to keep everything powered for several days.

Gas generators are a poplar option as well and provide almost unlimited power at a fairly reasonable cost.  My only issue with them is the cheap 2 stroke models that make too much noise.  I hate walking out of the house on a cold clear night and hearing a loud motor running!  If I upgrade to satellite TV at the fishhouse this probably looks like the best option for power.

Let us know how you power your Fish House and what you like or dislike about your set up.

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