If you do nothing else with your fish house this winter, DO THIS!

While your fish house is out on the ice.  Take some great pictures of it.  Whether you want to sell this year, or sometimer in the future, you will have pictures that will appeal to potential buyers.

If you look at the listings on this site, you will see a wide variety of pictures.  Some in grass, some in driveways, some in alleys and woodlots.  The most appealing pictures are the ones where the fish house is deployed out on the ice.  Even if you aren’t planning to sell this year, a great fish house picture will add hundreds of dollars in value to your ultimate selling price and help you sell faster!

The season is in full swing.  Hopefully your fish house is out on the ice.  Remember to bring along a camera and get some nice pictures.  Some of the coolest pictures are with just the house, with no other houses visible, banked, and either and early morning light, Sunset, or blue sky with a wild looking cloud formation.   Send me your best picture, and I will post the best one as an example of a great fish house picture for this article.  Send to info@fishhouseforsale.com

Click here for tips on how to take great pictures of your ice fishing house.

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