Now is the time to list your Fish House For Sale

The season is almost upon us!   Traffic and listings on is increasing and will continue to increase thru the season.    Ice fishermen who are looking to buy an ice fishing house or upgrade to a better ice house are starting to look now.   Now is the time to list your fish house for sale.  Its no different than if you were going to sell your boat.  Would you sell quicker for more money at the beginning of the fishing season where the buyer would get a full season out of it?  Or in the fall where they would have to soon look for storage?  Look at the selling tips in the articles section.  Price your fish house to sell.  Clean it out and get some good pictures.  Once the cold weather hits and the season begins many who were going to buy have bought.  Now thru December is when the maximum number of ice fishermen will be looking!!!


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