Pricing your fish house to sell

Setting the right price for your fish house is critical to a quick sale.  This article will give you tips on setting the right price to sell it fast and for top dollar.

An ice fishing house is not really different than a car, boat, or house.  To get top dollar it has to be in tip top shape.  Click here  for tips on getting your house ready to sell.  Once your house is ready to sell, you need great pictures click here to learn how to take great pictures that will showcase your fish house in the best way.  Bad pictures mean fewer phone calls, the more calls you get, the more buyers you reach and the more chance you will sell the house quick.

Pricing your fish house to sell means setting a realistic price that reflects the true value of your house.  Just like anything your ice house is worth whatever someone is willing to pay.  The lower the price, the more people are willing to buy.   The 3 points outlined in the listing tips are the start.

1. Check out prices of similar fish houses.  Be realistic.  A 6 x 14 house in new condition is going to be worth more than your 6 x 14 thats 10 years old, has a little rust, old carpet, and bad pictures.   You have to adjust for that.

2. Check out prices for a similar house that is brand new.  There are many builders out there that let you price a house on their website.  You can add in the features you have and come up with the best-case price (new) to help you adjust your price to realistic levels.  Look at cars, eventually they depreciate to $0. A ten year old Ice house a little run down but still in great usable shape is probably worth 60% of a new same model.

3. Estimate the cost to build.  Again fish house builders websites can help you here.  The guys at Fish House Plans  estimate 40% – 50% of the total cost as labor, overhead and profits, the rest is the cost of materials.  So if you have a 10 x 20 that costs $12,000 new, that leaves material cost at $6,600.  Give or take 10% depending on how fancy you get.  This gives you good info as prospective buyers look at your house in comparison to buying new vs. used or attempting to make their own.

4. Do everything you can to price it right up front.  Once you start lowering the price because it hasnt sold, means #1 its not priced to sell.  #2 Marks your ice house as overpriced, #3 After the reduction it may still be overpriced, #4 Gets buyers thinking potentially theres something wrong with it.  Plus a newly listed house will get the most views if the house is priced to sell, it will sell.

5. If it doesn’t sell in 3 months at the price listed, its time to lower the price.  A minimum 10% reduction is in order, but thats the minimum.  Again you are trying to sell your house, it hasnt sold, you need to generate new interest.  A 15% to 25% reduction may be in order.

6. Last and not least, in fact this should be #1.   Put a price on your house.  Some listings do not include the price.  You are making the customer contact  you for the price, and many will just move onto the next listing.

Are you ready to sell?  I had a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 196,000 miles on it that I need to sell.  I wanted more than its worth.   I love that car! Its a great car, but it sat in my driveway unused.   If you really aren’t ready to sell your fish house, you definitely will price it too high.  Ice fish another season and rethink.  There is nothing better than a hot bite with 30 mile an hour winds and -10 as you sit in your heated ice fishing house pulling them in hand over fist with swigs of brew in between.

If you are having trouble selling your house, send us an email.  We’ll give you an objective opinion on why it may not be selling.



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