Weekend Fish House Pics

I took my own advice last weekend and took some pics of my Ice House.  Also took a few others with the wind and snow howling.  This first one I think was pretty good as far as the lighting and the framing of the house, the ice in the foreground and the clouds behind it look like they are on the move.  Second one was at sunrise at a different angle.  The other 2 were a fish house in the distance when the wind was blowing snow making for low visibilty.  The bottom pic is my heater.  It vents to the outside  I got it a few years ago at Fleet Farm.  I love it!  You can see the flame, and the gas valve adjusts the gas based on the inside temp.  So as the temp gets closer to where I have it set, the flame gets lower.  If it needs more heating power it goes full force.  I didnt take any other interior pics this time because there was too much clutter.  Fishing gear, minnows, cans, coats, etc…  But I have a good outside picture of the fish house, a good picture of the heater, and next time I can take some pictures of the inside of the fish house before I trash it.  Then if I want to sell, I will have some pictures ready to go.   I took about 20 pics most didn’t come out as well.  So take plenty and pic your best! IMG_3007IMG_3010IMG_3001IMG_2992



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